Welcome to the Industrial Weed Revolution

From vapes and tinctures to edibles and cannabinoid-spiked beer, pot is now found in a variety of surprising (and discreet) places. But how does all that psychotropic punch fit into such perfect little packages? To find out, we visited CannaCraft, a veritable Willy Wonka factory of marijuana delights hidden in plain sight in an industrial park in Santa Rosa, California. CannaCraft makes some of the state’s most popular concentrate brands, like Absolute Extracts, Care by Design and Satori chocolates. The company uses about 140,000 pounds of high-quality weed per year to make the oil for its products, carefully calibrating the precise amount of cannabinoids like THC and CBD in each to produce the desired effects for its products. Terpenes are added back — more in the tinctures and vapes, to help create desired effects, while there’s less in sweet treats like chocolates and fruity gummies, so the smell and taste of cannabis is minimal. CannaCraft cofounder Dennis Reynolds and formulations manager Timothy Beauchamp spoke to us about how they turn raw marijuana plants into concentrated cannabis oils — and how they put it back together to create the ideal high.

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