Wendy Williams Broke Down In Tears To TMZ In Front Of Her New Man

TMZ caught Wendy Williams on the way home from a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles run, but you don’t get “caught” on the way home from a Roscoe’s run unless you want to be caught. Any sane person gets that shit home as soon as possible before the chicken gets damp and waffle gets dry. But not Wendy, she stopped to chat with TMZ about her divorce from Kevin Hunter and the fight between him and Kevin Jr., and wound up a tired, sobbing, and hungry looking mess. But I guess as long as her thirst is being quenched, waffles, and in her case potato salad, can wait.

Here’s Wendy’s very, very moist breakdown.

In case you were blinded by her diamonds and couldn’t concentrate on her words, Wendy mentioned the fight Kevin Sr. and Kevin Jr. had, saying “stuff happens in life” and was incredulous when asked if we were ever going to see all three of them together in the same place. Her shrieks of “YES!” rings in my ear still. She also had the good sense to acknowledge that she forfeited her right to privacy decades ago.

Some might raise an eyebrow at the young gentleman charged with squiring Wendy about town. I assumed he was just another one of her male employees who masquerade as the “parade of men” she claimed to have tromping through her bachelorette pad night and day. However, according to Wendy, that’s her new boo.

According to TMZ:

Sources close to Wendy tell TMZ … the beloved talk show host met her new hunk Saturday when she was kicking it with Blac Chyna during her Cali vacation, and while she’s not ready to jump into a relationship just yet, she likes him enough to keep him around.

We don’t know his name yet but TMZ says he’s “in his late 20s, and doesn’t have any kids“. Good for her, get you a man who fetches you potato salad while staying on the alert for when you scream “STOP THE CAR, THERE’S THE TMZ TRUCK!”. That’s love, baby.

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