What Grace Kelly From Grace Under Fire Looks Like Today

In the ’90s, it felt like every stand-up comedian out there took a stab at a sitcom – Brett Butler was among them. The writer and stand-up comic starred in Grace Under Fire from 1993 to 1998 as Grace Kelly (per IMDb). The character portrayed a mother of three who was getting used to life after divorcing her abusive husband, while also living as a recovering alcoholic. The show’s premise drew from Butler’s real life.

Off-camera, Butler also struggled with addiction and had left an abusive relationship. “I almost died like Michael Jackson,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2011 (per The Hollywood Reporter). “I was dying of addiction.” 

After five seasons, the show was canceled in 1998 because of Butler’s drug use. Today, with many years of sobriety under the belt, she’s explored multiple careers paths since the show. The acting bug hasn’t left her entirely, however. Butler has appeared in a number of television shows since returning to acting in 2012, per IMDb.

Brett struggled for years after the show's cancellation

Butler invested in a farm, hoping to live simply for a while. Sadly, the farm went under, leading the television star to homelessness for a brief time (per Dispatch). Part of what helped her get back on her feet was believing she exhibited psychic abilities. 

“No one rolls their eyes at this more than I do, but it’s real.” she told the outlet. “It’s what they call claircognizance, where I can be around people and information just sort of appears. I’m not sure what to do with it, but there’s going to be something.”

According to a fan who got a reading from Butler, her powers are legit. “You probably don’t think of a psychic reading as being funny but hell it’s Brett Butler and she’s a gifted comedian. This added the most amazing sense of comfort, almost like old friends gabbing on the phone,” Mike from Geek With Muscles noted. “She had me in stitches one moment and crying the next, feeling like I could completely be myself, and I just became absorbed in the reading and everything she had to say. Her knowledge in the area of metaphysics is truly impressive and I’ve already began reading some titles she recommended for me.”

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