Why Gillian Anderson wants you to write her honest letters about sex

Written by Amy Beecham

Actor Gillian Anderson is asking women around the world to write her open letters about sex – will you be one of them?

As uber-cool sex therapist Dr Jean Milburn in Netflix’s Sex Education, it’s safe to say that Gillian Anderson captured viewers’ hearts with her unflinching honesty, open mind and endless words of wisdom when navigating life’s intimate moments.

And now off-screen, the actor is inviting women to write her letters about their sexual fantasies as part of an empowering project that will chronicle the sex lives of women from around the world.

Inspired by Nancy Friday’s 1973 book My Secret Garden – a collection of women’s fantasies sourced through letters, tapes and personal interviews – Anderson is compiling open letters to publish anonymously in a book that aims to be an “expansive and revelatory portrait of women’s sexuality and what it means to be a woman today”.

The letter collection, published by Bloomsbury, will most likely be called Dear Gillian. On announcing the new book, Anderson spoke to the fact that many women’s “deepest, most intimate fears and fantasies remain locked away inside of us, until someone comes along with the key”.

“Here is the key,” she said in a video posted to social media. “I want to hear from you […] because when we talk about sex, we talk about womanhood and motherhood, infidelity and exploitation, consent and respect, fairness and egalitarianism, love and hate, pleasure and pain.

“Is there a fantasy you’ve never told anyone about? Something you’d share with only the most trusted of confidants, if anyone at all? Wherever you come from, whomever you do or don’t sleep with, whether you’re 18 or 80: I want to hear from you. Write to me, starting your letter ‘Dear Gillian’.”

Asking questions like, ‘What do you think about when you think about sex?’ and ‘Do you have a fantasy to share?’ submissions for the project are open until 28 February and details on how to get involved can be found here.

Would you share it all?

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