Wife of billionaire says she can use N-word because Alicia Keys is her ‘black friend’

The wife of a billionaire hedge fund manager defended her casual use of the N-word, suggesting her “black friend” Alicia Keys wouldn’t mind it, according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

Lisa Falcone, whose husband Philip Falcone is known for admitting to the SEC in 2013 that he committed securities fraud, became defensive when her personal chef, Brian Villanueva, was visibly disturbed by her use of the word. She allegedly used it after meeting Villanueva’s girlfriend, who is black, in July 2019.

Villaneueva’s girlfriend was on hand to help him prepare food for the Falcones’ dinner party in the Hamptons, according to a new wage dispute lawsuit. The morning after the party, Falcone allegedly expressed surprise about the woman’s language skills.

“Your girlfriend speaks very well. She seems educated,” Falcone allegedly told him. “I would describe her as a chocolate-covered marshmallow.”

She then allegedly asked, “Do you use the word ‘n—’ at home with your girlfriend?”

Villaneuva says that after Falcone noticed the expression on his face, she became defensive, saying that she meant it as a compliment and that Alicia Keys, in contrast, doesn’t speak “eloquently.” She also allegedly said that it’s fine for her to use the N-word because “I’m Puerto Rican and grew up in Spanish Harlem, so I can speak like that.”

Keys and her husband, Swizz Beats, had attended the Falcones’ aforementioned dinner party.

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