Yang Hyun Suk Announces Resignment From YG Entertainment Following Numerous Scandals

Most fans are celebrating his resignment from one of the biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea as one fan tweets, ‘YG leaving YG. Finally some good news people.’

AceShowbiz -Yang Hyun Suk made a big announcement on Friday, June 14. The founder of YG Entertainment revealed that he had decided to step down from his position at one of the biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea. The decision arrives following numerous scandals involving his artists.

“I am so sorry to the fans who love YG and our agency celebrities. I am also sincerely apologetic to all of our employees who are silently continuing to do their work throughout th downpour of criticism,” Yang said in a statement.

“I have been patiently tolerating words about the current situation that are too disgraceful and humiliating to mention as they have been told indiscriminately as though they are the truth. However, I think it’s too difficult now. I think that there can no longer be a situation where YG, our agency celebrities, and fans are experiencing harm due to me,” he added.

“For 23 years, I have dedicated half my life and everything to growing YG. However, I will step down from all of my positions and work at YG starting today. I sincerely hope that there is no further harm to the YG agency celebrities I love, and to the fans who love them, because of me,” he concluded.

Most fans were celebrating his resignment as one fan tweeted, “YG leaving YG. Finally some good news people.” Another one added, “yang hyun suk is leaving yg entertainment. oh you know we celebrating.”

This arrives after fans slammed the agency for easily terminating former iKON leader B.I‘s contract after he was hit with drug scandal earlier this week. Not to mention, some other celebrities under the agency had been the target of public scrutiny over drug-related isssue. One thing that shock the whole country was Seungri‘s Burning Sun scandal. The former member of Big Bang is currently under investigation for allegations of him supplying prostitutes since 2015.

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