Yasmine Lopez Claims Michaela Sleeps With Kanye West While Feuding on Instagram

The two Instagram models are feuding on social media after Michaela accuses Yasmine of sleeping with her boyfriend, but the latter claims the former is just mad at her because she doesn’t get attention after hooking up with the rapper.

AceShowbiz -Two Instagram models are having a war of words on social media and one of them exposed the other for allegedly sleeping with Kanye West. Interestingly, it was Yasmine Lopez, who was recently reported partying with the rapper, who made the allegation against another social media personality, Michaela.

It all began with Michaela accusing Yasmine of sleeping with her boyfriend. “I let someone bring me out of character today. I walked in on @theyasminelopez naked on my bed with my man,” the former posted on her Instagram Story on Thursday, December 30. Calling out the latter for betraying her, she added, “She’s desperate for attention and clearly not happy with her life. So much betrayal, it’s wicked. I’m hurt beyond words.”

The angry model went on threatening Yasmine, “Keep playin and imma leak videos of you on discord saying all the men in the industry you f**ked and being naked acting like the dog breath h*e you are. Your baby daddy even reacted out saying how messed up you are.” She continued, “Instead of running away, you could have apologized for throwing yourself at my boyfriend. I literally confided in you during my pregnancy a** h*e.”

Catching wind of the allegation, Yasmine was quick to debunk the claim that she slept with someone’s boyfriend. “I never even respond to the ignorance but this right here has got to be the most [cap] story ever,” she posted on her own Story. “These people really are delusional. I went to my best friend birthday celebration then hopped on the plane back to my son. First y’all say I’m fw Kanye now this. The internet is Definitely undefeated.”

Yasmine then claimed that Michaela hooked up with Kanye and she was possibly mad at her because she doesn’t get the attention. “I wasn’t even gon say nothing but sis didn’t you go f*** kanye at the post oak now you crying about a 18 year old little boy talking about that’s your man? And have the nerve to say I fw him? LMFAO BEAT IT,” she taunted Michaela.

“All that Kanye s**t was NOT me ? That’s why sis really mad,” she added. “She threw that LIL old cat and didn’t get the recognition she wanted. Here you go baby! Pop yo shiii.” Yasmine additionally stressed that she’s not interested in a younger guy, saying, “Idk who that LIL BOY f**** but it ain’t me. Not even on my worst day. I’m a woman who likes to be kept….. not a sugar momma or auntie. Get it sis!!! Attaching my name to this is just weird. Your obviously bored.”

Michaela, meanwhile, is adamant that she was telling the truth. Responding to Yasmine’s remarks, she wrote again, “This chick is sick in the head. You knew I was just pregnant with his baby and you deliberately disrespected my relationship being thirsty. When I walked in he had his back turned and you were begging for attention. How does it feel that he didn’t wanna f**k your loose coochie?”

“I never cheated. Yasmine is throwing out false narratives to justify her forcing herself on my boyfriend,” she continued. “I have videos of things you don’t want out so be very careful. Your own baby dad hmu saying how foul you are. Go home to your son. You going to hell frfr. God doesn’t reward ugly.”

Both Yasmine and Michaela were spotted partying with Kanye at J Mulan‘s birthday celebration in Houston. Following their encounter that night, rumors swirled about the Atlanta spitter possibly linking up with Yasmine.

However, sources told TMZ they are not dating. The two reportedly arrived separately and interacted, but they’re not involved.

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