Asos recreates Britney Spears catsuit for men that looks like 'giant red condom'

Britney is known for her fashion choices, both professional and personal.

Who can forget the time she covered herself in glitter with barely-there knickers in the Toxic music video, or the time she and then boyfriend Justin Timberlake dressed up in all-denim outfits for the 2001 American Music Awards.

Asos has just revived another one of Brit’s most iconic looks: the red PVC jumpsuit from the music video ‘Oops…I Did It Again’. The song was released in 2000 and became a big hit, both for Britney’s unusual fashion choice and the catchy melody.

Fashion always comes back around and this time it’s for men; Asos has recreated the jumpsuit with a two-piece t-shirt and trouser look.

People are perplexed by the sudden revival of the infamous red catsuit, and most are mocking Asos pretty hard.

One woman said the model looks like a ‘giant red condom’, while another claimed the model looked ‘like a gorgeous baby bell’.

‘Asos you okay hun?,’ asked someone else. To which Asos swiftly replied: ‘Thriving, hbu [how about you]?’.

At least the brand is taking the comments well – perhaps it’s because despite the trolling, the outfit is proving very popular.

It’s selling fast, with the t-shirt available for £22 and the trousers slightly cheaper at £20.

It’s not actually the first time the catsuit has been recreated for men; actor Kevin Bacon, 58, wore a similar style in an EE advert where he appeared alongside Britney in 2016.

Fashion stylists have paired the Asos look with black accessories including a crossbody bag and cap, as well as black trainers.

The trousers appear very tight though, and we can’t help but wonder what will happen once the hot weather rolls in.

You could get a tad sweaty and end up like Ross from Friends, in the episode where he takes off his leather trousers and is unable to pull them back on.

Then again, the Asos outfit is made from vinyl fabric, so you might be alright.

And hey, if it works for an international pop star, why not give it a go?

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