Beauty guru reveals easy £1 hack which gets orange make-up stains off clothes in an instant

THOSE who wear foundation will be familiar with the frustration when finding your favourite white t-shirt's been covered in make-up.

The beauty guru, Alessandro, is no exception – but, luckily, he's come up with a simple solution that will instantly remove the leftover stains.

''The amount of shirts I’ve thrown away before I knew this tip,'' he said to his 274,000 Instagram followers.

''If you wear make-up, I know this has happened to you.

''And typically, foundation doesn't just come off after throwing it in the washer.''


Turns out, there's a crucial step we all have been skipping, according to him – spraying shaving foam on the areas covered with foundation, particularly the neck area.

In the short video, Alessandro, demonstrated the hack, adding that it's important to grab a can of foam not gel.

Once applied, let it sit for around five minutes and rub the product into the stains using a soft, clean cloth.

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To remove the excess shaving foam, throw the garment into the washing machine with your other whites and watch the top come out as brand new.

''No more throwing away nice tops,'' he said whilst revealing the final results.


''My life. Has been. SAVED,'' one user thanked the guru.

Another recommended: ''Gillette edge is the best (we use it in film to get blood stains out!)''

One critical viewer didn't seem that impressed and commented: ''Or you can just simply use the stain remover spray.

''You can buy nearly anywhere at a low price.''

''The shaving cream doesn't work,'' someone shared the same opinion.

For those who didn't have shaving foam in hand, a fellow Instagram user claimed that castile soap and hydrogen peroxide work just as effectively.

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