Bianca Censori is being dressed by Kanye West to look like a 'sexy avatar' but she may as well be naked, says expert | The Sun

VACATIONS usually mean relaxing in comfortable clothes and throwing on floaty summer dresses, baggy shorts, or casual T-shirts.

But a psychologist has labeled Bianca Censori's fashion choices for her trips with Kanye West as unrealistic and extreme.

Bianca, 28, and Kanye West's well-publicized vacations have centered on how they look, with the spotlight on what they were wearing.

When the blond Australian model vacationed with her husband in Italy, all eyes were on Bianca's barely-there outfits.

In Tuscany on August 5, Bianca went braless in a sheer bodysuit and a nude pair of tights.

On August 6, Bianca was photographed embracing Kanye and wearing pale blue tights and white stilettos.

She was also dressed in a tight bodysuit, which was see-through.

Commenting on the images posted to the Yeezymafia Instagram account, one follower wrote: "Something ain’t right."

Another added: "I’m so confused."

In an exclusive interview, fashion psychologist Professor Carolyn Mair Ph.D. told The U.S. Sun: "Bianca might as well be naked in all these outfits.

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"Bianca’s style could be that of a sexualized superhero in video games.

"It appears Kanye may be trying to create some unrealistic, extreme image of a living, unreachable woman.

"This could be anything he wants it to be, like an avatar.

"If Bianca is being styled to look like an avatar, Kanye could be basing her look on the sexualized female avatars.

"They are designed for their sexual appeal but reinforce attitudes that view women as existing only for the pleasure of others.

"In line with this concept, in these images, Bianca’s leotards, bodies, and tights are all about showing off her body.

"The look is unusual in real life."

Since reportedly marrying Kanye, 46, in secret in January, Bianca has made some extraordinary fashion choices that have often caused a stir.

These days, the voluptuous Yeezy employee is a far cry from the once sweet-looking jewelry designer and former architectural student.

This is also not the first time that Kanye appears to have influenced a partner's looks.

After marrying reality star Kim Kardashian in 2014, the rapper ended up overhauling the Skims founder's wardrobe.

Swapping out bandage dresses and Juicy Couture track pants, Kim, 42, began dressing in brands like Balenciaga and Thierry Mugler.

Mair speculated that it is Bianca is now contributing to Kanye's deliberate style choices.

"Bianca is body confident and wants to show it," she said.

"But I guess this is all deliberate.

"Kanye might have said that is enough when she was getting dressed that day.

"He might have told her that she looked gorgeous just like that.

"He might have said that she did not need to add anything after she put on her bodysuit and tights.

"The outfit with the black T-shirt and tights also looks to me as if she may have forgotten to put her shorts on."

The psychologist also claimed another image of the couple adventuring in Tokyo in June showed Bianca ramping up the impact.

"Bianca had left her bodysuit undone and looked to be wearing it back to front," she revealed.

"Normally, bodies have a longer bit of crotch fastening at the back.

"Bianca wore shiny tights, as we can see by the reflection.

"This is all about wearing very little clothing. It is about the transparency of her clothes driving the appeal."

Referencing the pale blue tights Bianca wore in Italy, Mair noted that she was showing a lot of skin.

"You can see her sunburn marks around her breasts," she said.

"This shows where they would cover her flesh when she would be lying on her back sunbathing.

"The sunburn emphasized the curve of her breast as it travels around the width that is not burnt.

"The sunburn accentuates the shape of her breast."

In the past, Bianca sported long brown sleek hair and closely resembled Kim.

In May 2022, she was photographed at a Balenciaga fashion show, and her plump lips triggered plenty of comparisons to Kim.

"Kanye is obviously very proud to be seen with Bianca," added Mair.

"And she is going along with this unusual styling. She could probably say no to him, but she does not seem to mind it.

"The recent pastel colors she chose in Italy and Japan are also quite childish and girly.

"We associate pale pink with little girls — this is especially so in the context of the photo where Bianca is holding the Hello Kitty toy.

"If Kanye has the intention to style her like an avatar, a major concern about sexualized ones is they can contribute to the objectification of women.

"These avatars in gaming are designed mainly for their sexual appeal.

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"But these can lead to body image issues and low self-esteem among gamers who do not look the same.

"They can also lead to the general objectification of women mentioned previously."

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