Blac Chyna is hiding true feelings about her 'rebirth' makeover – her 'lip clamps & droops' are the proof, says expert | The Sun

BLAC Chyna’s big back-to-basics makeover has not delivered the fulfilment she longed for, a body language expert has said.

She claimed, despite the model dramatically taking a year to alter her lifestyle and looks, she has been left feeling “conflicted” and “fearful."

Chyna shared a clip on Instagram on Monday showing her at a friend's birthday.

After the influencer followed the woman down some stairs, they danced and Chyna threw back her head.

Despite the milestone celebration, body language expert Judi James noticed Chyna was not “posing like a star” for the camera.

And she believes her facial expressions reveal her true feelings about the makeunder.

In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun: “In the birthday clip, Blac Chyna looked vulnerable and overwhelmed.

"Despite her friend egging her on, she walked down the steps shyly and in a childlike manner."

In another recent clip, the mom-of-two talked to fans from her new salon, Lashed.

The September Instagram post was captioned: "I am living proof that failure is not an option."

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James added: “Her appearance suggested something of a re-birth.

“But her body language was very conflicting and childlike again.

“It was most obvious when she stared at the camera with a fixed lip clamp.

"Her lips drooped at the corners and she closed her eyes as if to block everything off."

The 35-year-old, who's just finished her stint in Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, kicked off a makeunder in March.

This came after she closed her OnlyFans account.

In 2022, Chyna had reverted back to being known as Angela White and was baptized.

James noted the actress appeared to want to look natural but came across as afraid.

“In some clips, her face is bare and her eyes are huge and rounded, " she said.

"This is normally associated with fear.

“She comes across like a child peering into the camera.

"She may not be comfortable with her new image.

"Blac Chyna might be worried she can not live up to all the hype."

The reality star started boosting her body after finding fame as Nicki Minaj’s body double and dating Rob Kardashian.

Her surgery included getting silicone butt injections at 19.

In 2019 she told Wendy Williams: “I’ve had lipo before, I’ve had my breasts done four times,”

She added: “I went larger, larger, then I went smaller. So, I was like, ‘This is just too much.’”

Chyna now shares daughter Dream, six, with Rob and her 10-year-old son King Cairo Stevenson with her ex-fiancé, Tyga.

James suggested her once confident “preens" have been swapped with "checking gestures."

“When Blac Chyna speaks now, she often makes adjustments to her hat, pants, or hair," she said.

“These are not the normal celebrity preening gestures.

“These checking rituals are more about anxiety and virtually make no difference to her appearance.

"Otherwise Blac Chyna's verbal messages are contradicted by her non-verbal ones.

"This is why the salon video looks so sad.

“The lowest point in that clip is where viewers might want to offer her a big supporting hug."

James suggested the telling moment came when Chyna said: "I know that everything is going to be OK," in her salon video.

"Her body language suggested the complete opposite of everything being OK," James said.

“The lip clamp appeared. There was a dramatic twelve seconds of silent sadness.

"Silence like this has more impact than words.

“Her eyes moved to her left, which can signal someone is accessing recalled memory.

"She looked up to her left and then upper middle, as though she was searching for answers or reassurance.

"Her lips drooped at the corners and she closed her eyes, letting out a sad sigh.

"Blac Chyna seems to be keeping her real thoughts to herself.

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"Whenever she opens her eyes and tilts her head, she shows this closed lip smile.

"In most images, you can see this smile does little to suggest any hint of genuine happiness.”

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