Bride rages after couple asks to bring TWO extra plus ones as they ‘don’t really know anyone’ invited to her wedding

A BRIDE-TO-BE has been left fuming after “entitled” guests asked if they could bring another couple as plus ones to her wedding as they “don’t really know” anyone attending. 

One guest had texted her asking if two friends could join them and their partner at the reception so they didn’t have to make awkward small talk with other people.

The bride explained how she had already made the seating plan for the reception and had cut the guest list “by a lot”.

She assured the upset guests that they would know “plenty of people” going to the wedding. 

The saga was posted anonymously to an Australian wedding shaming group on Facebook – and hundreds of people have weighed in on her dilemma. 

The bride wrote the caption: “Apparently knowing your spouse isn't enough?”

One person was shocked that people would request guests, and said: “How do you ask to invite your friends to someone else's wedding?

“Also who cares if you don't know anyone. Those are the best weddings, new friends.”

Another added: “I have a friend like this. They don't like going anywhere with 'new' people and it's very frustrating.”

However, one said the bride should allow it, but only if the couple pay for the extra two meals. 

Meanwhile, one person had sympathy for the couple, and said: “I can sort of understand. My husband's friend got married and my husband was best man. 

“He sat at the head table for the evening and snuck over when he could because I was at a table of strangers, not knowing anyone else.

“However, I can't imagine having the audacity to ask if I could bring friends to someone else's wedding.”

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