Bride reveals reason she’s ‘beyond upset’ about wedding gifts & people aren’t very sympathetic | The Sun

WEDDINGS are a time for celebration, and while gifts for the groom and bride are often expected – they aren't a requirement.

One bride-to-be has taken issue with the rate at which her guests are purchasing gifts listed on her registry.

Posting to a Facebook wedding group, the soon-to-be-wed woman was incredibly upset about her wedding gifts.

She wrote: "BEYOND UPSET!My wedding is in three months and no one has [bought] anything off of our registry yet.

"I am expecting 100 gifts since I invited 200 people. My parents have spent over 80 grand on my wedding and we expect to be returned with some sort of thank you.

"My fiancé thinks I'm being unreasonable and won't talk to me since I have mentioned this."

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Posting to a Reddit forum, a user shared the anoymous woman's Facebook post, and it wasn't met with much sympathy.

Some people were taken aback by the idea of someone expecting gifts well in advance of their wedding, like one who wrote: "Three months??? Who buys a gift three months in advance???"

Many people admitted that they often purchase their gifts last minute, some even scrambling to obtain an appropriate gift the day of the ceremony.

"I usually stop by the ATM to get cash and stop at Target to get the card to put money into the day of or the day before the wedding," wrote one user.

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Another said: "I literally bought stuff on my phone during the wedding because I was in the wedding party and forgot until we were at the reception."

Citing money as a go-to gift, a third shared: "They're lucky if they get anything pre-planned. I've straight up walked up to the groom before and just handed him money – no card, nothing, because I just didn't get around to it."

"Definitely purchased a gift on the way to the reception before," a final person said.

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