Bride-to-be’s engagement ring gets slammed for looking like a disgusting tick

A WOMAN’S engagement ring has been compared to an insect after she proudly flaunted the homemade jewellery.

She revealed her boyfriend has proposed with a ring he made himself, using a very unique stone.

The ring is made from opal, with her new fiancé opting for an amber-coloured stone.

But the unfortunate colour and shape has seen it compared to everything from a boil to a tick.

A snap of her ring ended up on Facebook group That’s It I’m Ring Shaming, where it’s racked up hundreds of comments.

She proudly said: “Homemade engagement ring with opal.”

Despite her being proud of her new piece of bling, others weren’t so sure.

Commenting on the post, one person said: “So… that’s not your daily dose of fish oil?”

Another person wrote: “Her dermatologist might want to take a look at that!”

A third added: “That boil definitely needs looking at.”

Someone else wrote: “Looks like a tick.”

This person commented: “I for sure thought this was a bug and here I am disappointed it’s this eyesore.”

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