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THE SIMPLE answer to this question is "yes". You absolutely can cook a turkey in an air fryer.

The first issue you're likely to come up against when air frying a bird is the capacity of your air fryer's basket.

It goes without saying that when trying to roast poultry, bigger really is better.

If your appliance is smaller than a 5.7l you may find yourself in a bit of pickle, unable to pack the bird in there.

People on the internet claim to have cooked whole chickens in a 5.7l so a very small turkey could also fit – but I reckon you'd want to go even bigger with your air fryer to be sure.

What you can definitely do – regardless of the size of your appliance is cook parts of the turkey – like just the crown of even a couple of breasts if that's all that will fit.

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Most recipes suggest that if you're going whole, you want a 1.3-1.8kg turkey, plus some olive oil, Italian herb seasoning and some butter to keep it juicy.

Next up, you want to rub the herbs and olive oil into the turkey along with a dash of salt and pepper.

Then, take some chunks of butter and pop them under the skin of the bird, this will keep the meat really juicy.

Next, pop the turkey in the fryer basket with the skin facing down and cook it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Then turn it over and cook it again for another 10-15 (this depends on this size of your bird).

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If you're not sure if it's done, stick a thermometer into the middle of the breast and make sure it reads 165 degrees.

Once cooked, whip it out, leave it to rest for ten minutes, then slice it up and serve with your fav cranberry sauce, bread sauce are roasties.

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