Chipotle is making a clothing line with products dyed with avocado stones

Chipotle are known for their Mexican meals, as well as for charging extra for guac.

But they’re branching into another world soon, launching a range of goods as part of their offshoot brand, Chipotle Goods.

As well as the items being attractive, they’re made to make use of some of Chipotle’s by-products – such as avocado pits.

The brand will be using the stones to create a dye for clothes and bags, with each bag using up about five avo pits to transform its colour.

Given the chain throws away nearly 300 million avocado stones a year, putting them to use in a brand new way.

The collection will feature everything from leggings to jackets to shoes, and will be gender-neutral and ‘size inclusive’.

‘We looked at some of our biggest waste outputs that were landfill bound. We purchase more avocados than any other restaurant in America, which means we produce more avocado pits than any other restaurant,’ a Chipotle spokesperson told CNN Business.

‘Commercial compost isn’t available everywhere, and that meant that a lot of avocado pits were potentially destined for landfills each year.

‘We started brainstorming ways we could use our avocado pits for good, and natural dye was something that kept coming up.’

The collection aims to use up byproducts along with as little water as possible, furthering the company’s aim to be environmentally friendly.

You can actually make your own avocado dye very easily at home.

After washing the stones, boil them in water for about an hour, then leave them sitting in the water overnight to deepen the colour.

The next day, strain the water and put back on the heat, adding your white or light fabrics.

Simmer for at least 20 minutes – longer if you want a deeper colour – and you’ll end up with light pink fabric that didn’t cost the earth.

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