Cleaning expert shares her once-a-month routine and people are stunned by how filthy their houses probably are

A CLEANING expert revealed which parts of your home you should be cleaning once a month – and people say they haven’t cleaned these places in far, far too long.

Professional organiser Caroline shared her cleaning schedule, highlighting which particular areas of your home should be cleaned on a monthly basis.

She said: “If you’re mystified by how often you should clean things at home, here’s a list of things you should be cleaning once a month.”

Firstly, she said it’s vital to clean your dishwasher once a month.

She explained: “Make sure you’re cleaning your dishwasher. 

“Check on the filter and rinse it with soap and water, and then also run an empty dishwasher on a normal cycle with two cups of vinegar.”

Dusting was next on her cleaning agenda. 

“Dust ceiling fans, the tops of art work, baseboards, and windowsills. Dust your air vent covers to prevent dust from blowing into the room”, she said. 

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Remember, your washing machine can also get dirty, so to make sure you’re taking care of your laundry, you have to take care of your machine.

Caroline said: “Clean your washing machine by running it on a self clean cycle or using baking soda and vinegar.”

She recommends two cups of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda for this task. 

Sofas can also be overlooked, but can build up plenty of dirt and dust over time.

She advised: “Vacuum away dust on your sofa cushions using your long attachment. 

“Spot treat upholstery with warm water and dish soap, which does the trick most of the time.”

Caroline also recommended that you clean your hoover to make sure it functions properly.

“Check your vacuum brush to make sure its free of any lint, hair, and debris”, she said. 

Finally, Caroline said you should tackle your fridge once a month.

“And, bonus, take all of your food items out of your fridge and then wipe the surfaces down with vinegar spray and a rag”, she explained. 

The video racked up 1.6 million views, and commenters said they hadn’t cleaned some of these areas in a long time.

“I think I’m about 482 months behind on some of these”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “Never touching that dishwasher filter, I choose to live in ignorance.”

A third agreed: “I’m dead serious, I thought the dishwasher washed itself.”

“Never done any of this”, wrote another.

One joked: “This is great, but I will not be doing any of that.”

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