Cleaning mad mum reveals how you can keep your bin from smelling using toilet freshener

A CLEANING mad mum has revealed her very simple trick to stop your bins from smelling.

Influencer Mrs D's Cleaning Reviews, who has over 64,000 followers, took to Instagram where she shared her easy and cheap tip.

The Chorley-based cleanfluencer revealed that you can simply add a toilet freshener to your bin lid to keep bad odours at bay.

Captioning her post, she wrote: “TOP TIP for keeping your bin smelling fresh.

“We all know what it's like to have a smelly bin, you can pop bicarbonate of soda in to soak up odour but it doesn't keep it smelling fresh.

“Rather than keep sprinkling bin powders or Bicarbonate of soda into the bin liner try using toilet Duck Fresh Disc gel on the inside of your bin lid.

  • Toilet Duck Fresh Discs, £3.50, Wilko – buy here

“Toilet Duck Fresh Discs are Anti Odour, they will neutralise bad odours and leave a fresh scent behind….everytime you open your bin you will no longer be hit by a nasty odour, rather you will be hit with a fresh scent.

Don't worry your bin doesn't have to smell like your toilet. Duck have a variety of fragrances from floral to fruit.”

Fellow cleaning fans were delighted with the tip, thanking Mrs D in the comments.

One wrote: “Pure genius !!! Gonna get me some of that for sure.”

“What a clever idea !! Defo going to do this” added another, while a third wrote, “Oh wow may need to try this. Great top tip.”

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