Cleaning-obsessed mum reveals her top tips for keeping whites bright – and you’re definitely using too much detergent

A MUM has revealed her simple tips for keeping white linen sparkling bright for as long as possible.

Carolina Mccauley, mum to two, lives in Perth, Australia, and shared the hack with her followers on her Instagram account, carolina.mccauley.

In the video Carolina goes through her top tips for keeping whites white, right from how to look after your washing machine through to drying your whites.

To begin with, Carolina say you should always ensure your washing machine is spotless before putting any whites in it.

This is to prevent any colour transfer from the previous load and to make sure no grime is left in the washing machine.

She then advises to add half a cup of baking soda to your load.

Baking soda is a natural deodoriser and can help with stains and bleaching clothes.

When using baking soda with bleach it can help make the bleach more effective on stains and brightening whites.

The mum-of-two said you should ALWAYS seperate colours, as this will prevent any colour transfer and helps keep whites looking fresh for as long as possible.

She advised to go easy on laundry detergent, and to add 1/4 cup ofHydrogen Peroxide with the detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide is another cleaning product often used to help neutralise odours on clothes and to bleach whites.

Carolina also added vinegar to her wash load rather than fabric softener, as it also works at softening clothes with the additional bonus of brightening them.

She also suggest to wash your whites in hot water and if the weather allows, to let them air dry in the sun, if you can't, put them on a low heat setting.

Users loved her tips, one wrote: "Good to know!!! So tired of bleaching."

Another user commented: "I've learned so much from you!"

A third user replied: "My kind of tips! Love this! Thanks Carolina!"

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