Coach shares simple trick to banish nerves instantly & it’s backed by science

A HEALTHcoach has revealed the quick and easy way to get over nerves quickly with this simple trick.

Anya Levi explained that when you know this "brain hack" you will have a tool to help you when you get very nervous.

Taking to her TikTok account, the health coach said that the hack was a game-changer in her own life.

Posting under the domain Anya said: "Use this tool if you ever get nervous."

Adding: "Knowing this changed everything for me."

Explaining the way nerves work, the health coach said that you can trick your brain into thinking it is excitement.


"Physiologically there is practically no difference between when you're nervous, and from when you're excited," said Anya.

Adding: "So whenever you're nervous just tell yourself that you're excited and watch your brain go into a state of joy and love instead of fear."

The health coach donates that this will generally help your performance throughout life.

"This will also help raise your frequency and help you perform better. This is scientifically proven" she said.

Adding: "Mel Robins talked about how in an experiment, one control group was told to tell themselves that they were nervous and the other that they were excited. Guess which group outperformed?"

The post has already been viewed 1.1million times since being posted five days ago, and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Lol I always wondered why I always get nervous before going on a night out. I guess I'm just really excited" commented one person.

Another added: "This 100% works for me. I do it before swimming competitions when I'm nervous I tell myself that I am so excited to show off how fast I am."

"This is how I've got through every concert I've been to" commented a third.

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