Devoted husband stands vigil outside his wife’s hospital window during chemo after he’s banned from being by her side

A DEVOTED husband has stood vigil outside his wife's hospital window – after being told he couldn't join her for chemo.

Kelly Conner, 40, from Texas, has been having treatment for breast cancer since January, but partners have been banned from joining them because of coronavirus.

Husband Albert, 44, couldn't bare to let her go through it alone – so sat outside the hospital with a giant sign, reading: "I can't be with you but I'm here. I love you. Thank you to all staff."

Of the rules, Albert told Good Morning America: "When you just reflect on everything and think about all the nurses and doctors and other patients, it makes perfect sense.

"You really can’t argue it. You just have to support it any way you can.

"(But) I didn’t feel right not being a part of it because I had promised her that I would be there every step of the way and I felt like I would be breaking my word."

The sign came as a complete surprise for Kelly, who drove to hospital alone that morning.

When Albert arrived, he texted to say he was in the car park. Luckily he guessed right with his sign positioning, as he had no idea which room Kelly was in.

"It immediately brought tears to my eyes and I felt a love for him right then in that moment, that he would do that for me," Kelly said.

"I think I kind of gasped and the nurse turned around and said, 'What’s wrong?' And then she saw I was looking out the window and she looked out and started to tear up too."

Some of the nurses even went outside to thank Albert for the sweet gesture.

When Kelly's chemo ends in May, she's due to start surgery and radiation.

Meanwhile, Albert has been forced to close his business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so he can stay home and not expose his immunocompromised wife.

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