Does Harry seem so unhappy because he knows he’s been manipulated by a family-wrecker into leaving everything he loved? | The Sun

Who are the world’s biggest victims right now?

You might think it’s the poor people of Ukraine as they’re bombed, shot and raped by Putin’s invading barbarians.

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 Or those who lives have been ruined by the Covid pandemic that continues to cause widespread death and long-term illness. 

 Or the millions battling crippling financial hardship in a devastating cost-of-living crisis that has swept the globe.

But no. The world’s biggest victims are in fact Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a pair of incredibly rich, stupendously privileged, horribly entitled narcissists.

If you don’t believe me, just ask them!

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Or better still, force yourself to sit through the first three instalments of their nauseatingly self-aggrandising Netflix whine-a-thon.

But be warned: you’ll need a sick bucket, tissues for when you laugh so uproariously (not for reasons our heroic freedom-fighting duo intended…) that tears stream down your face, and a very high boredom threshold.

Compared to their Oprah moan, which dropped mostly untrue ‘truth bombs’ like a machine-gun, this was a predictable, cliché-ridden, simperingly sycophantic snooze-fest that fuelled their wearily familiar narrative of a cruelly oppressed couple driven out of Britain by a nasty racist media, nasty racist Royal Family, and nasty racist public.

All of this is a disgusting lie.

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Harry and Meghan’s romance, engagement and marriage were all greeted with ecstatic joy by the three groups they now accuse of being vile bigots.

I know because I was in Britain at the time, and on their wedding day, I wrote this in a newspaper: ‘A biracial woman from America, marrying into the world’s most famous white family. It’s hard to overstate the significance of this ceremony, beamed live around the world, to black people everywhere. To borrow the words of Dr King, this was a day when little black girls could watch TV and genuinely share little white girls’ long-held dreams of one day marrying a Prince.’

That epitomised what most people thought at the time, and the media coverage was almost universally positive.

Yet in the Netflix series, Meghan now says the press were merciless in their efforts to bring her down.

‘Truth be told,’ she says, ‘no matter how hard I tried, no matter how good I was, no matter what I did… they were still going to find a way to destroy me.’

Oh please.

The media, including me, only turned negative on Meghan and Harry after they married and their behaviour grew increasingly hypocritical as they preached poverty in tweets on the day she held a $500,000 baby-shower in New York, used Elton John’s private plane like a taxi service as they lectured us on reducing our carbon footprints, and pleaded to be left alone as they gave prime-time TV interviews.

Nobody ‘destroyed’ Meghan Markle.

As this series shows, she very quickly abandoned often dull royal duty to take her handsome British prince back to America to live a life of luxury in a California mansion from where they now earn gazillions of dollars trashing their families in the very media they profess to despise, ruthlessly exploiting the royal titles afforded them by the institution of the Monarchy that they constantly attack.

In the documentary, Meghan looks like the smirking cynical cat who got the commercial lottery-life-win cream, while hapless Harry looks like a spaced-out zombie who now speaks weird Montecito therapist couch psychobabble as he tries to justify his appalling treachery towards his family and his country.

‘I sacrificed everything I know to join ‘Meghan’s world’,’ he says at one point, in what may be the truest statement either of them makes in their extended disingenuous whine.

Yes, he did.

And I suspect the main reason he now seems so permanently unhappy, whilst insisting he’s never been happier, is because in his heart he knows he’s been manipulated by a seasoned family-wrecker into abandoning the people and country he once loved.

One of the most telling moments came when Meghan revealed how she phoned her beloved niece to uninvite her from the wedding, because she’d supposedly been told to by some Palace flunkie.

Who bans a family loved one from their special day, and instead invites newfound celebrity acquaintances like the Clooneys and Beckhams? 

But the most sickening part of this Netflix series is the constant use of Harry’s late mother Princess Diana, and absurd comparisons to his wife.

‘So much of what Meghan is, is so similar to my mum,’ he says. ‘She has the same compassion, same empathy, and the same confidence. She has this warmth about her.’

I suspect the main reason he now seems so permanently unhappy, whilst insisting he’s never been happier, is because in his heart he knows he’s been manipulated by a seasoned family-wrecker into abandoning the people and country he once loved


Having known both women, I can say with certainty that they had absolutely nothing in common.

Where is Meghan’s compassion and empathy towards her father who she disowned when he became a ‘problem’, and who recently suffered a massive stroke?

She’s not bothered to even call him to see how he is.

‘Meghan doesn’t have a father,’ says Harry, who’s never met Thomas Markle.

Yes, she bloody well does, and he brought her up on his own for years. Notwithstanding his own mistakes for which he’s apologised, the way they’ve both treated him is appalling.

The Sussexes say they’ve suffered horrendous harassment from paparazzi but use six fake examples of this in the trailers alone, and honestly, I’ve had more intense paparazzi treatment than anything they showed in the first three episodes.

As for their privacy, they spend the entire time revealing private text messages and intimate photos, and home videos they made 20 months ago in clear preparation for this show.

And Harry talks of wanting to protect his kids whilst constantly using them on camera.

 It’s all so staggeringly hypocritical.

But there’s also some genuinely nasty stuff in there too, not least Harry’s jibe at royal men choosing ‘fit-the-mould’ wives, which is clearly aimed at William and Kate, and his assertion that the royals are a bunch of ‘unconsciously biased’ racists at the head of a racist country when they still haven’t produced any actual evidence of the royals being racist, and it’s well-documented that Britain is one of the most tolerant multi-cultural places to live in the world.

They even absurdly try to pin Brexit, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, on the alleged racism aimed at Meghan.

‘It was an orchestrated reality show,’ Meghan says disapprovingly of her and Harry’s engagement interview.

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Yet this Netflix series is exactly that, only far worse.

The sad truth is that Meghan and Harry are now nothing more than whiny delusional self-serving money-grabbing royal Kardashians – only with less class, loyalty or brains.

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