Experts warn against the terrifying beauty trends taking TikTok by storm – including CUTTING your own eyelashes

TWO years ago, we wouldn't have been able to tell you what TikTok was – but these days, we can easily spend HOURS scrolling through the endless number of hilarious videos.

Although it's great for teaching us the life hacks we never knew we needed (DIY extension cable wall plug anyone?), it's also seems like a different bonkers beauty trend is going viral every other day.

And let's just say, not all of them are winners.

Here Fabulous reveals the beauty trends that experts are begging you to avoid – so have YOU tried any?

Cutting your lashes

In our books, nothing beats a full set of fluttery fake lashes.


But while most people simply attach them to the top of your natural lashes, TikTok account Beauty Trends shared a video earlier this month that left viewers stunned.

The viral clip shows the woman trimming her lashes with a pair of nail scissors and then clamping her falsies over her lids.

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Speaking to Tyla, eyelash specialist Liarna Jessica Yearwood urged people not to try this one at home.

Because if you don't love your natural lashes, they do serve a VERY important purpose.

She explained: "Your lashes protect your eyes [from] airborne debris. Without lashes your eyes are at risk of serious infections or corneal abrasions.”

"Secondly, your lashes take approximately 90 days to grow. If you cut them you will have to wait nearly three months for them to grow back! Not a great look.”

"Trimming your lashes will remove the natural tapered edge of your lashes, this will leave your lashes with sharp edges and as they grow out these edges may irritate or scratch your eyes."

Using LUBE as primer

We always thought we'd stop at nothing to achieve a glowing skin – acid toners, retinal serums, you name it.

But you know where we draw the line? Slathering our faces in LUBE.

Social media star Rady went viral last September when she filmed a tutorial where she slathered her face in Durex's Aloe Vera lube before applying her base.

When questioned by fans, the beauty vlogger insisted it gives the skin a dewy finish.

She claimed: "One of its key ingredients is propylene glycol

"It binds water and pulls in hydration to the outer skin layer. It helps give the skin a hydrated, dewy appearance."

However, chemist Bruce Green – who founded skincare brand SOS Serum – has warned the trend could actually cause acne or dry out your skin.

He said: "It's an interesting idea and I can understand why a silicone-based lube would smooth the application of colour cosmetics.

"BUT because many lubricants are oil-based or water-based with a high level of glycerin, these formulations could block the pores, attract surface bacteria and atmospheric debris, which could possibly lead to acne.

"Many lubricants have a Melt Flow Index to be skin compatible – which is fine – just not underneath your makeup.

"As you warm up, so will your base and things could slide around.

"A high silicone formulation can also reduce the uptake of moisture to the skin, leading to dryness and flaking.

Damaging fake tan 'hack'

We have TikTok to thank for showing us how effective baby oil and bronzer are for creating a fake glow at home.

But Dr Sarah Jarvis – GP and Clinical Director of – has warned you should never apply it to your skin if you're planning on sunbathing afterwards.

After the trend took off off online, the expert said: "It is never, ever a good idea to cover yourself with baby oil and then go sunbathing. You will effectively be frying your skin. 

“This greatly increases the risk of burning as well as the risk of skin cancer.”

“Melanoma skin cancers – less common but even more dangerous than other skin cancers – are linked to how often and how badly you’ve been burnt. 

“Non-melanoma skin cancers are more closely related to your lifetime sun exposure. 

“Wearing baby oil increases the equivalent exposure your skin gets.”

“Even tanning is ageing to your skin and can increase your risk of skin cancer”, Dr Sarah warned. 

The Tiktok tanning hack racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and commenters rushed to warn the Tiktok user how dangerous this technique could be. 

“Worst thing I ever did using baby oil once! Damaged my skin and it’s never been the same since. Don’t do this please”, pleaded one viewer.

Another wrote: “This is what we did in the 80s. Don’t do it. I’m so paying for it now.”

Dying hair with PERFUME

Last year, Polish singer @agbe_ released a video of her dying her hair at home with just two simple items – and while you might have them in your drawers, we wouldn't recommend doing it yourself.

The sapphire-haired influencer added a vibrant pink stripe to her locks using just a pair of hair straighteners and a bottle of perfume.

She started off by dousing the straighteners in scent and then blew on them, presumably to remove the moisture.

She then ran them through a chunk of hair revealing a pink stripe of colour thanks to the perfume's alcohol content.

Hair care expert, Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush told website Tyla what a terrible idea this tactic is.

She said: "Not only will this not work as an effective way of noticeably changing hair colour, doing so will inevitably cause damage and could lead to hair loss if it's already in a fragile state."

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