Fiendish brainteaser asks if YOU can work out the missing card in the pattern – and it’s got people puzzled

RECKON you're good at card games? Perhaps you're a whiz with numbers?

If so, we have just the thing for you as this card puzzle challenges players to guess the missing card on the table.

The casino-style game has nine cards on display, but one remains face down. So can you guess what it should be?

The remaining cards aren't just any old numbers, though, as they each make up a common number sequence.

If you work out the pattern, you can work out the missing number. So put your number skills to the test.

The card puzzle was originally shared on Reddit, an has left some users stumped.

If you're still scratching your head in despair, we've provided the answer for you below.


The missing card is a 6.

If you break up the cards into columns you'll see that:



Therefore 4+6=10

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