Four in ten women admit they adopt a credit-debit approach to their gym regime – so do you know what it is?

MILLIONS of wine-loving and chocoholic women are hitting the gym purely to earn the right to indulge in more junk food instead of loosing weight.

A study has shown that almost four in ten women admit to using the credit-debit approach to the gym so they can have free reign over their calorific diets.

The credit-debit diet means burning off calories in the gym in order to make up for eating high calorie foods that will be binged on after.

The stats from food brand Yushoi showed that 38 per cent of women said they only exercised so they could eat what they want without worrying about piling on the pounds.

From the 2,000 Brits that took part, a staggering 86 per cent saw diet and exercise as a balancing approach, where one would work to compensate the other.

This could mean that women are no longer exercising to get into prime shape through dieting, but are trying to remain at one chosen weight by keeping input and output equal.

Women aren't alone, as just over a third of men admitting to going to the gym purely for the enjoyment of the same calorific lifestyle.

Shockingly, almost half of Brits admit to fantasising about these foods whilst in the gym, daydreaming about what they will be able to eat as they sweat.

Chocolate, wine, crisps and pizza are among the top ten foods that people feel the need to 'earn' by spending time working out for each one.

And they're more likely to eat their snacks after hitting the gym rather than eating them before and burning them off.

The research was revealed by Yushoi on the reveal of their new class trial, Pea-lates and Pinot, which incorporates snacks and wine into exercise to encourage fitness.

Now that is something that even the credit-debit dieters out there can get along with, except the transaction is far more swift, by drinking wine on the treadmill, than normal.


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