Gal Gadot's Met Gala Hairstyle Had a Fun Hidden Surprise

Gal Gadot was a real show-stopper at the 2019 Met Gala on Monday, May 6.

Wearing an avant guard Givenchy lace dress, the actress accessorized the look with a white and silver headpiece. As gorgeous as the hair embellishment was, it was made even cooler by what was hiding underneath it: a fun simple but chic hairstyle.

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“We wanted to create a fashionable take on a low ponytail,” hairstylist Renato Campora exclusively told Us. “So we wrapped the hair around the base of the pony for a polished look and then finished by twisting the hair into a braid.”

As difficult as it appears, the style was pretty easy to achieve. He started by applying the key product — Amika’s Haute Mess Texture Gloss. By working the styler into damp hair before blowing dry straight and smooth, it provided the perfect base for the look. He then pulled hair back into a tight, sleek low-pony. To boost shine and give it some extra hold, he brushed some more of the gloss into the strands after they were dry.

To get the half-and-half look, he took a strand of hair at the base of the pony, wrapping it around to give the style a polished look before braiding the length of it. To secure, he pinned the end of the braid at the base to hide.

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To finish it off, he sprayed a bit of Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray to hold everything into place.

“We wanted a fresh take on a fashionable low ponytail,” he said. “Which would accentuate her chic silhouette.” Since the headpiece and the fabric were both intricate and rich, they wanted to keep it simple and modern, purely complimenting the overall esthetic.

Job well done, because this is a look we’ll remember for years to come.

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