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A SAVVY mum has just discovered a way to remove pen marks from her surfaces in seconds.

Mum-of-three Chloe – aka The Simple Mum – says she’s found a ‘parenting hack worth knowing’ after her little one went wild with a pen on her kitchen table. 

Speaking to the camera, Chloe revealed: “My toddler just got pen on the table and I’m not even mad. 

“She’s got pen on the table tonnes of times and it’s never done anything.” 

However, Chloe’s daughter had never used her new pens before…and the marks just weren’t coming off. 

“I bought a cheap set from a charity shop and it won’t come off,” she added. 

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The tired mum turned her camera around to reveal the stubborn stain on her pristine white table.

Sticking out like a sore thumb was a pink scribble in the shape of a number six and a little pink line a few centimetres away. 

Describing her efforts so far, Chloe said: “This is with fairy liquid and Elbow Grease.” 

Nothing seemed to be working, but the mum had one last idea up her sleeve. 

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“I’ve seen somewhere that hairspray works,” she said, leaning over the table in her blue and white star pyjamas. 

After one last attempt at scrubbing off the stain with a scourer, Chloe gave in and went upstairs to grab her hairspray. 

Chloe looked unconvinced as she arrived downstairs with a red bottle of hairspray in her hand. 

She chatted away as she sprayed a small amount over the pen stain, then stopped in her tracked. 

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed with her jaw dropped. “It lifted it instantly, what the hell?” 

Chloe now swears by her newly discovered hack and her followers have been sharing the secrets behind their spotless homes, too. 

“Pink Stuff would do it,” suggested one user.

And Chloe commented in response: “That’s what I usually go for but I was out today. Elbow grease usually works well on this table.”

“Hand sanitizer,” stated a second. 

“Use perfume or nail polish remover – it will work,” said a third. 

Chloe replied: “That was going to be my next try.”

“I use acetone on everything,” claimed a fourth. 

Chloe’s tried them all before on different stains around the home. But one user’s hack took her by surprise.

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“Toothpaste,” the fellow mum said.

Chloe replied: “I didn’t know that one!”

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