Hair expert reveals real reason why your hair is always greasy and you're suffering from split ends

A HAIR expert has shared the real reason why you're hair is forever looking greasy and suffering from split ends – and there's one simple solution to solve all your problems.

There's nothing more annoying than finding your hair is already oily just a day after a fresh wash and it turns out, you could be the culprit causing the grease by not regularly cleaning your hairbrush.

TikTok user @sarahbrawleyhair shared the simple trick she swears by to keeping her locks looking and feeling fresh and it's regularly taking care of her hairbrushes to prevent grim build-up on her tresses.

The hair professional revealed that as well as hair, product, grease and oil builds up on hairbrushes as they're continuously used.

It's important to clean your hairbrushes just like you would anything else, as a fresh brush means you're less likely to dirty your hair so quickly.

Demonstrating the method she swears by to deep-clean her hairbrush collection, the stylist, who is known for sharing her hair tips and tutorials online, revealed: "This is why you're hair is going greasy and you're getting split ends.

"Start by removing as much [hair] as possible. Fill your sink with warm water and add shampoo."

She explained: "Product,grease and oils build up on your brushes and that goes onto your hair everyday. It's disgusting."

Adding disinfectant to the water, the hair expert continued: "Place your brushes in the sink and let soak for 20 minutes… omg look at how gross the water is.

"Add shampoo to a toothbrush and scrub the brushes. It's important you get all the dirt off. There will be a lot of build up from grease and products.

"I rinse the brushes and use the toothbrush again if there is anymore build up left over. Dry them upside down on a towel."

Her video has since been watched over 311k times online and racked up hundreds of comments, as hair lovers confessed they're guilty of "never cleaning" their brushes.

"I've literally never cleaned my hair brush in my life. Thank you for sharing," commented one person.

Another said: "No I never cleaned them, but will be from now on."

A third wrote: "Thank you, I never knew how to clean them."

Agreeing with the expert, one person posted: "Oh my gosh yes! I don't think people realise how important it is to clean their hairbrushes."

Another clued up viewer was left grossed out by the thought of some people not regularly showing their brushes some TLC, as they quizzed: "People don't clean their hair brushes?"

One viewer had tried and tested the method, as they assured others: "I've done this, it works, you need to do."

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