Horrified salon-goer sent to wait in her car with foils in her hair in during £150 appointment | The Sun

WHEN you book yourself in for a hair appointment at the salon, you're usually expecting a pretty relaxing day for your pamper session, right?

So you can imagine one woman's surprise when halfway through her appointment, that she had splashed out £150 for, she was told to wait in her car while the colour set in her hair.

TikTok user Hayley (@hripp) revealed she was sent out of the salon with her hair covered in foils and told to wait in her car due to Covid restrictions in place amid the pandemic.

She shared a video of her sitting in the driver's seat of her car while still wearing her salon gown and with multiple foils wrapped in her hair.

Hayley joked: "When you pay £150 to get your hair coloured and you've just been asked to wait in the car…"

She was given a timer to leave on her dashboard to monitor how long she had to wait before heading back into the salon so her stylist could finish her hair.


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"I was like "The car?" lmao #forreal #hairdressing #covid #colour #loveit," Hayley captioned her video that has since been watched over 733k times.

Fellow hair lovers were left outraged by Hayley's video and hundreds commented – with many asking what would happen if you didn't have a car.

One person joked: "What if you've no car do they make you wait in the nearest bus stop?"

Another fumed: "If I was told this I'd drive home and finish it myself and not bother paying them."

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A third posted: "I'm a stylist and wouldn't dream of asking anyone to do this. It's terrible service."

Just as outraged, one more quizzed: "No way!!! What if you got colour on the car?? That's not good!"

"Omg seriously?? What would happen if you got dye on your car seats.. or didn't even drive would they make you sit on a bench outside," added another.

"Where is this? I have had my hair done multiple times during the Covid shot and never had to sit in my car! That's not policy anywhere," claimed one person.

Hayley explained that there had been "no room" in the salon for her to sit and wait for her colour, due to restriction in place because of Covid.

Her story prompted others to share their own salon fails, with one woman revealing: "Once my hairdresser told me to BRUSH MY OWN HAIR hahaha."

Meanwhile, this hairdresser was left baffled as client cheekily gives herself extra colour mid-appointment – and people are outraged for her.

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