How many people can YOU see in this optical illusion? It’s bad news about the state of your brain if it’s only two

AN OPTICAL illusion claims to be able to tell you about the state of your brain just by how much you can find in a busy picture.

The pencil drawing was shared on TikTok by DarkSeidy, who wrote: "They say if you can find 7 people and a cat in the photo your brain is in the best condition.

"Six is fine, two or three means the mind needs help."

People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on the illusion, with some saying it took them mere minutes while others struggled.

"Done it in three minutes swear on my life lol," one person wrote.

"Wow that took about three minutes but once I found them I could always go back and see them again when I did my count," someone else added.

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"7 a duck, cat, dog, and a rat," a third wrote. "I'm now know as bionic eye. thank you im here all week."

Others struggled to find the cat, although insisted the people were easy to spot.

"i can find 7 people but not the cat," one person wrote.

"I found all but the cat..i can see a rat though," another added.

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While a third commented: "The cat took me the longest to find lol."

And some people weren't interested in even giving the illusion a go.

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"I'm just too exhausted to look," one person wrote.

While another added: "Giving me a headache just staring at this."

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