How Meghan Markle’s necklace stacks & messy hair show she’s ditched ‘royal uniform’ – unlike ‘formal’ Kate Middleton

MEGHAN Markle appears to have ditched more than just royal duties when she moved to LA with Prince Harry – and has an entirely new fashion style. 

Fashion stylist Lucas Armitage said the duchess has shunned her “uncomfortable royal uniform” and has now returned to her pre-palace wardrobe. 

Speaking to Fabulous, Lucas said: “She never fully seemed comfortable with the modest dresses and structured hair that replaced her previous easy breezy style LA vibe.

“Sure, Meghan played by the rules and looked immaculately turned out, but her new royal style seemed such a departure from her old life I always wondered if she actually enjoyed wearing the clothes or if they were just her royal uniform.”

We have seen the Duchess of Sussex, who turns 39 today, on a number of video chats during lockdown at her swanky £15million LA home belonging to Tyler Perry.

While Kate Middleton, 38, has been undertaking Zoom public engagement chats in usual formal dresses, Meghan has debuted a more relaxed style for the camera. 

Lucas said a good example of this is when Meghan wore a white T-shirt for her call with the Hubb Community kitchen. 

He said: “It may seem like a white T-shirt would be the go to garment for a dressed down Zoom call. 

“Let’s however compare the inconspicuous white top to the Duchess of Cambridge’s Zoom style and we can see she has stuck to a more formal vibe. 

She [Meghan] never fully seemed comfortable with the modest dresses and structured hair that replaced her previous easy breezy style LA vibe.

“Kate’s signature dresses and prints have been the mainstay. 

“The truth is a T-shirt like the ones we all own and love have absolutely no place in a senior royal's wardrobe.

“The simple act of dressing down to chat on Zoom is a freedom Meghan only knows now because of stepping down. 

“Her hair casually tied back again adds to the informal vibe and it’s clear she feels at ease with this very simple and casual look.”

At the Girl Up summit, Meghan wore a blue, sleeveless top and wore her hair care-free and straight with a centre parting. 

Lucas said: “Royal hair seems to always favour structure but here Meghan looks to have embraced her love of a good LA blow dry where the hair is left loose and tousled but not defined. 

“This is the sort of hair that would not have been complying with her Royal rule book so it’s great to see Meghan be able to adopt this hair look again. 

“It’s a youthful, fun hair look and a step away from the top knots or defined ringlets of royal life.”

Meanwhile, Lucas said Meghan has embraced her new fashion freedom by “playing” with her accessories. 

Speaking of her layered necklaces during a Smart Works chat, he said: “The addition of a few necklaces again tells me she is enjoying being able to have fun with fashion again and not always been so considered.

“Wearing mismatched jewellery or being eclectic isn’t in keeping with royal dressing so it’s another clue Meghan is enjoying being able to play with accessories and her style in general.”

Kate’s signature dresses and prints have been the mainstay [on Zoom calls]

He added that her hairstyle is also one that Meghan would not have done, had she not stepped down as a senior royal in March. 

The fashion stylist explained: “To me it looks like a centre partnering has loosely and casually been braided back of her face for a half up half down style. 

“We saw her forced to adopt a more formal hair vibe when she was a senior royal.”

Lucas said Meghan overhauled her entire wardrobe when she started dating Prince Harry. 

He explained: “When Meghan met Harry way back in July 2016 the world watched her personal style evolve from cool LA actress to one more becoming of her Royal namesake.

“Gone were the ripped jeans of her past and her bare legs, if shown at all, would be covered modestly with nude tights, at least whilst she was an official royal.

“We celebrated this transformation which sartorially cemented her place with Harry.”

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