I asked for a cute tattoo but the artist made a very obvious spelling mistake and then tried to cover it up | The Sun

GETTING a tattoo can be nerve-racking, especially as any mistakes can be permanent.

One woman showed how she asked for a cute tattoo – but the artist made a VERY obvious spelling mistake.

The woman had asked for the phrase “Divine Feminine” but the artist had accidentally written “Femimne.”

To try and cover up the spelling error, the artist then drew a rose over the incorrect second “m”.

However, the mistake was still obvious for all to see.

The 20-year-old tattoo artist owned up to her error and posted the video herself on her @emilyamccollum TikTok account.

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She explained: “Emily why did you put a rose there?

“Bc I’m dyslexic.”

She added: “i now try to avoid word tattoos.”

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Many people were quick to comment on the tattoo fail, with one saying: “ok but good save.”

Another added: “LMAOO I still love it thoughh.”

A third commented: “yeah that one was a low.”

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