I bought a SHEIN bikini but it had already been WORN when it turned up – you just had to look in the bottoms to know

ONLINE shopping disasters have reached a new level after this TikToker claims she discovered something gross about her new bikini.

Posting to TikTok, Jessica Durrant shared how she was excited to unpack her new SHEIN bikini only to apparently discover something rather odd when she did – the bikini had already been worn.

Starting her video Jessica says: “Someone please tell me how SHEIN have actually sent me a worn bikini.”

She then explains how she quickly realised this has been worn and then returned: “I’m not talking like fake tan marks, I’m talking it’s still wet. It’s still wet so it f*cking stinks of damp.”

If that wasn’t bad enough she then reveals something else: “It’s still got discharge on. Yep, discharge.”

“Someone sent it back, they’ve not even f*cking checked it and they’ve shipped it off to my house. Disgusting.” Jessica claims, adding that she’s since tried to contact SHEIN customer service but has received no response.


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After touching the bikini, Jessica said it was “vile” and she had to literally “bleach [her] hands.”

The video has since been seen over 28.7k views, and has caused viewers to share their similar experiences.

“SHEIN sent me a pair of jeans with blood on them and will not reply to me” commented one TikTok user.

Another wrote: “Same thing happened to me! A pair of pyjamas looked like someone had worn them for a week with no knickers on. Imagine.”

Others expressed their disgust at SHEIN, with one writing: “Makes me sick! @shein_official I will never order from you ever again! Refund your customer for the sake of your reputation!”

"Naaaa I got mad over another company sending me a worn jacket. I can’t even fathom a worn bikini” added a third.

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Jessica isn’t the only person to face disaster when ordering online, although her experience is certainly one of the grosser ones.

One TikToker ordered bikinis from Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo, but when she tried them on they were unable to contain her boobs.

Another even ordered an XL bikini due to her big boobs and it still barely covered her nipples.

Fabulous have approached SHEIN for a comment regarding these claims.

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