I bought my baby the best product ever – it’s given me hours of ‘me time’, every parent should splash out | The Sun

ARE you a tired mum and desperate for a bit of quiet “you time”?

A savvy mum has revealed her hack to getting some space when you have young kids.

TikTok user @lilssouthall shared: “I bought my 6 month old baby a giant play pen & now 7 months later she still loves playing independently in it.”

In the clip, which has racked up over 148,000 likes, she showed her youngster happily sat in a ball pit.

Meanwhile, she showed herself reclined on the sofa relaxing watching TV.

Inside the play pen, she had added teddies, building blocks and an assortment of toys to entertain her child for hours.

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The mum wrote in the caption: “Best purchase ever made, hands down.”

Parents had mixed responses to her “hack”, but many supported her.

One said: “Update from the future, my 15 month old loves his play yard.”

Another wrote: “Work smarter not harder.”

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However, one mum commented: “For the most part my son enjoys it, but definitely still cries if he makes eye contact.”

A second added: “My son wants me to be in there with him.”

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