I broke up with my boyfriend… he made me a PowerPoint presentation stating all the reasons we should get back together

LETTING GO when a relationship has come to an end can be hard for everyone involved.

But one woman was left stunned when her ex-boyfriend took the break up so badly he decided to sit down and make a PowerPoint presentation to convince her to come back.

TikTok user, Isabelle Clarke, shared a video reminiscing on the time her ex met up with her to show her the reasons why they should get back together.

The video has attracted over 800k viewers and has been liked over 75k times.

Isabelle writes: "From the archives.

"Thinking about the time a guy made a PowerPoint on why we should get back together."

Isabelle, from Australia, then shows her sitting in her ex's car, where he has set up his laptop to show his presentation to her.

It begins with a contents page, broken down into seven categories including; the current situation, we have changed, cons, pros, why I did it, what I learned, and a conclusion.

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As he goes through the presentation, he lists all the reasons why they should give it another go such as; both of them have changed but not their feelings for each other and how they can still grow together.

He also evaluated the current situation they find themselves in from the fact they have broken up and are not talking to the fact he has broken his leg.

Her ex also writes a list of the pros and cons of the relationship, stating they are both good people and they are both good looking as reasons to stick together and apparently finds no cons with their past relationship.

Isabelle can now see the funny side of the situation and so did many of her followers on TikTok, one user wrote: "You have to be kidding."

"Damn I need this kind of dedication in my life. I like it." Wrote another user

Another user asked if his tactic worked to which Isabelle said: "absolutely not."

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