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A CRAFTY mum came up with the best Elf on the Shelf idea to surprise her daughter – by covering her entire room in wrapping paper.

Mariea Mohan, 38, loves pulling pranks on her 21-year-old girl Tailor and her latest joke may have been her best one yet.

The Ayrshire mum-of-one went viral on social media after filling Tailor's entire room with wrapping paper over the weekend.

Mariea spent three hours and 30 minutes painstakingly wrapping every single item in her room – from her double bed right down to her brush and shoes.

She went through 70m of paper – which only cost her £7 in total -to pull off the incredible feat for her daughter coming home from work.

Over the weekend, Mariea made two trips to her local Asda to ensure she had enough paper to cover every inch of her daughter's bedroom.

Tailor was left completely shocked by the prank which went viral when Mariea shared it on Facebook Live.

The 16-minute video shows Tailor discovering a note on her bedroom door that was "written by elves".

Opening her door, she can be heard gasping as she takes in the sight of her room.

Tailor gasps: "Are you actually for real right now. Mum you’ve literally done everything.”

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She then adds: "I give up with this family."

Mariea told the Scottish Sun that Tailor is still not seeing the funny side of the prank – even though everyone else is.

She said: "I didn't think it would have gone viral! Tailor is hating on me still.

"She knows my personality, she's not like me – she's quiet, keeps herself to herself, then there's me where everything is a competition.

"I went to Asda and saw that they were 10m for £1 on wrapping paper and it took me three hours and 30 minutes. I had extra time so I wrapped everything in her top drawer like her brush, kirby grips, and the plugs to annoy her.

"It was over the weekend and on the Monday I got to work, called to ask 'where is my brush' and I was like 'well, it's in your drawer you need to unwrap it'.

"She was like 'I can't deal with this family' – you'd think I had 20 kids, I only have one.

"She's not impressed, it's still not funny for her yet. I said to her 'When you're older and have your own kids just think what it will be like going to granny's."

Mariea added that it took numerous trips to Asda before she managed to get the whole room done.

She said: "At the time of the Facebook live, one of my staff members she was there that night and she was shouting out 'You have 50 viewers, 100 viewers, 150 viewers'.

"I think I set it up quite well and people knew what to expect.

"Everyone keeps saying that one day she's going to get me back big time but she doesn't even have it in her.

"I actually had to swap a shift with someone to go home and do it [all the wrapping].

"I got 70m so all it cost me was £7, that's all it was.

"I started it on Saturday and I ran out of wrapping paper so on Sunday morning and I knew I was going to be out with my friend so I had to go back to Asda for the final roll for the bed.

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"I have one more prank lined up – just waiting on confirmation for a date."

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