I caught my husband looking at saucy videos of other women – people think I’m out of order for spying but I don’t care

A WOMAN caught her husband red handed as he watched saucy videos of other women on the internet.

The wife recorded her hubby scrolling on the sofa from a first floor balcony, that was the perfect vantage point to see his phone screen.

She appeared to take it all in good humour as she posted the video accompanied by a laughing face emoji.

The woman, who posts from the handle @lyjones0, said: "My husband forgot we got a second floor balcony."

In the TikTok video you can see her zoom in on the back of a man's head so viewers can catch a glimpse of what he is looking at on his phone.


While the picture is only small, you can clearly make out the figure of a woman provocatively dancing.

Some viewers were appalled by the footage.

One said: "I’d rather be single than pretend to laugh at this happening."

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Another said: "My comment won’t go over well lol but I think it’s 100 percent disrespectful."

And a third said: "I wouldn’t even complain to him about it. I’d just slowly start losing my feelings for him and care less every time."

But some fellow TikTokers didn't think the husband's viewing habits were an issue at all.

One said: "Am I the only one not bothered by this? I look at thirst traps on TikTok all day long, doesn't mean I'll cheat."

Another said: "I wouldn't care about my husband looking at girls he could never pull. Hell, he barely pulled me."

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