I did a mega ASOS haul but it was a total sham – there was a particular dress which made me look a wife of Henry VIII | The Sun

WE'VE all ordered clothes online, only for them to look completely different when we try them on.

And one fashion whizz named Gura, who is off to Turkey next week for her 30th birthday, shared a mega ASOS clothes haul she bought for both the holiday and events she has coming up, only for it to be a total "sham."

In a clip shared to TikTok (@guralicious_), she begins by walking into the room wearing the 'ASOS LUXE sweetheart extreme bardot sleeve mini dress in floral jacquard,' which retails at £90.

But the frock, which features a bardot neck, bodycon fit and extreme volume sleeves, clearly failed to impress.

Holding onto the back which failed to zip up, Gura, who was stumped for words, summarised how she felt about the outfit by simply laughing into the camera.

Next, she slips into what appears to be the 'NA-KD x Phiaka co-ord corset top and skirt with boning in floral print.'


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While the top has been reduced from £27 to £16 in the sale, meaning a whopping 40% saving, the skirt has been slashed from £30 to just £13.

But still, Gura isn't convinced it's the outfit for her.


"Right this one is a weird one," she says.

"So the skirt fits really well, however the top is slightly big.

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"Now the top is a 12 but I'm like a 10…

"I'm like a 10.5 so basically an 11 on top and it is a bit big…and I don't know if it's appropriate for Turkey."

The fashion whizz then moves onto the 'Kyo The Brand corset overlay longline blazer co-ord in lime,' which has been reduced in the sale from £56 to just £31 – meaning a whopping 44% saving.

She pairs it with the matching skirt and says: "This actually was really cute apart from this little bit that pokes out just there.

"So this is like a little corset thing that goes just on your chest, but this is the thing that I can't figure out.

"So the skirt is actually really big and I've had to put these shorts on because you would literally see my a***.

"Maybe I need to get the 12 to see what it's like.

"I'm sure this is the size folks, but either way I do like it and I want to keep it.

"I just need to figure out how I'm going to make this work."

But things quickly go downhill when the fashion fan then tries on a blue satin mini dress, which features puff sleeve details and a wrap over design.

"No mate," she quips.

"I look like one of Henry the VIII's wives – one he didn't behead.

"But if he saw me like this he'd behead me.

"And I also look like I'm in a straight jacket."

Finally she concludes the clothing haul fail by trying on a long bluey-grey blazer dress, featuring belt detail.

"It's giving me nurse in India…I can't work it out, but either way it's a big fat no," she says.

Gura captioned the post: "Honestly this haul was an absolute SHAM."

It wasn't long before it racked up over 96k views and several comments from very amused social media users.

"Do you find these outfits on purpose to entertain us? I love the first one," wrote one.

A second commented: "I love these hauls! Make my day to know I’m not the only s*** online shopper."

A third penned: "The Henry/straight jacket killed me!"

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Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "Henry's comment was hilarious!"

Another added; "The green one is giving Lizzie Mcguire this is what dreams are made of."

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