I didn’t want to waste water during the hosepipe ban but figured a savvy way to still keep my garden watered | The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO has revealed the savvy hack her husband came up with to water the garden during the hosepipe ban.

The mum, from the UK, shared the clever trick on TikTok, to help others reduce their water waste and keep their garden alive.

In the video, she said: "Just had a lovely bath and there's a lot of water I don't want to waste."

She then reveals herself pulling the end of the hosepipe up to the bathroom through the window by attaching it to some string.

The mum then places the end of the hosepipe into the bath before making her way to the garden.

Her husband begins to sucking the other end of the hose to get the bath water running through.


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"Gravity takes over and the water flows form your tub into your water butt," she added.

The mum claimed she was able to save 150 litres of water from the bath tub which equates to filling up 15 watering cans.

That means her garden can stay happy and healthy even during the hosepipe ban.

"No wasting our bath water here! My husband taught me this hack, handy when you wanna keep your garden healthy,2 she captioned the post.

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People quickly took to the comments section to ask if the soap in the bath would damage their plants.

"Uhm… Is the soap and other chemicals good for plants?" asked one perosn.

She replied: "I deliberately have stopped putting bubble bath in."

The Royal Horticultural Society states on their website that 'grey water' such as bath water or shower water is safe to use when watering plants.

other viewers were excited to try the hack themselves, one wrote: "This is such a cool and amazing idea!!"

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Another commented: "I hate having baths as they waste so much water but this is a brilliant idea!!"

A third penned: "Ooh this honestly never occurred to me!! My bathroom is on the ground floor too, so I could definitely do this."

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