I dressed in the same outfit as my daughter & asked people to guess who’s who but didn’t get the response I hoped for | The Sun

A MOTHER-DAUGHTER duo donned sexy dresses on TikTok and challenged viewers to guess who was who.

Mellanie Monroe and her daughter Stella Andrews may have been expecting TikTok viewers to have trouble telling them apart, but that's far from the reaction their video received.

With so many mothers showing off how much younger they look than their actual age and posing next to their daughters to show the shocking comparison, Mellanie jumped on the bandwagon.

“Who’s the mom and who’s the daughter?” an audio voiceover asked at the beginning of the clip.

The TikTok video started with the camera pointing down at both Mellanie and Stella’s feet, showing their matching white pedicures.

The camera slowly panned up their similarly toned bodies to show the duo swaying and holding hands.

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As the video kept moving up, it showed that they were also wearing matching revealing outfits. The pair donned dark green halter neck bodysuits with shorts.

The bodycon outfits had sheer panels along their thighs and the sides of their torsos. They also had large circular cutouts down their chests and stomachs.

It wasn’t until their faces were revealed that you could guess who was older.

They both had full faces of makeup, beaming smiles, and platinum blonde hair.

But it was clear that Mellanie was the mother and standing on the right side.

She lip-synced to a song, saying: “Shawty got a big ol’ booty. Twerk. Twerk. Let me see you twerk.”

After dancing along to the song, she stuck out her tongue and began twerking as Stella smiled alongside her.

And while Mellanie probably hoped she fooled a few people and would get a positive reaction, the overwhelming response was the latter.

“Really? Like you can’t tell?” one person commented, while another wrote: “That was easy.”

“The mom is the one who looks 60 and the daughter is the one who looks 20,” another man wrote.

And a particularly harsh comment read: “Mum and grandma more like it.”

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However, the duo also got nice comments saying they were beautiful and looked like sisters.

One person even wrote: “I can’t tell. Both gorgeous and young.”

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