I dyed my brows with leftover hair colour to tidy them up – it was the worst mistake ever | The Sun

SHE decided to make the most of her leftover hair dye by tinting her brows.

But Reagan was left close to tears when she finally looked in the mirror – only to see that she'd ended up staining the area around her brows.

"I did that and went and tidied my room so I hadn't looked in the mirror or looked on my phone or anything and oh my God," Reagan began her TikTok video, with her hand concealing her brows.

"Just prepare yourself for what you're about to see because it's actually awful," she added, before revealing her brows.

"Oh my God. No! That's gonna stain!"

"I put it on with a brush idk how they got like this," she added in the caption.

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People in the comments were quick to weigh in on Reagan's situation, with one writing: "MS TRUNCHBULL".

"(Red )Angry birds," another laughed.

In the next video, Reagan admitted she'd "proper scrubbed them with exfoliating stuff" but the stain wouldn't come off.

"It's not funny, I have work tomorrow. It's even all round my head," she said.

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"I'm not going to cry.

"Oh God, please just let it come off, I'll do anything, I swear.

"I can't go to work looking like this, I'll get bullied and they'll sack me, they'll actually fire me!"

She then opened a pack of make-up wipes to see if that would do anything.

And, to her delight, it started to come off.

"I'm going to spend about half an hour doing this now," she said.

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