I exposed my cheating boyfriend by spotting a tiny detail in another girl's Instagram post

BEING in love can make you do crazy things – but one woman has revealed the lengths she went to when exposing her boyfriend as a cheat. 

The TikTok woman said she went full detective and recognised her partner’s THUMB in a photo that proved he was with another girl.

In a clip that has racked up 27,000 likes, she claimed: “When you catch your bf cheating bc you recognised his breakfast order and thumb in another girls IG post.”

Poking fun at the lengths she went to, she added the “oh my god, she’s insane” audio over the top.

In the caption, she added: “bish ima scorpio what’d you expect.”

Many people were highly invested in the incident and asked for more details.

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One said: “Story time? Was the girl a mutual friend?”

The woman replied: “She’s asked me to not involve her publicly so I’ll keep her business bc she’s going through the same as me he lied to both of us.

“But basically neither of us knew the other existed & each got a different excuse when we confronted him after I found the pics & messaged her.

“I’m not sure if she’s still with him but I went no contact straight away (after much gaslighting) & he still maintains he didn’t cheat hahah.

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“It all only happened like a week ago but when her & I compared what we knew I realised he’s been cheating on me almost the entire 2.5yrs.”

Some people asked how she had first suspected her boyfriend of cheating. 

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The TikTok user explained: “He was being really suss & was away with friends so I looked through his IG follows & boom, wish I’d found it sooner but he was playing perfect bf.”

Many people said they also had similar stories of their blokes cheating.

One said: “I recognized my exs foot in another girl's instagram story they were at the beach together laying on the sand and she only posted his foot but I KNEW.”

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Another added: “I heard him say one word in the background of her story lol.”

And a third commented: “we see everything.”

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