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A MUM has revealed how she was embarrassed to announce her twelfth pregnancy after finding out she was pregnant three months after giving birth.

Courtney Rodger, now a mum-of-twelve, couldn't believe she was having Irish twins.

The 38-year-old revealed she never expected to have a large family but knew she wanted children.

She said: "When my husband and I had this conversation 12 years ago, I don’t remember having a specific number in mind. I just knew I wanted children. However, my husband (always the planner) suggested we have 10 like his parents.

"My response? Laughter. ‘I’m too old!’ I replied."

The mum admits that life is hectic with 12 children, and doesn't plan to add to to her family.


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The couple married and a month later found out they were expecting.

Unfortunately just six weeks later Courtney and her husband found out they had lost their baby.

Six months later Courtney was expecting again and in March 2010 she gave birth to her eldest son, now 11.

Sixteen months later Courtney found out she was pregnant again – then thirteen months after she was expecting once more.

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When baby number three was just three-months-old, Courtney was stunned to find out she was already pregnant.

She revealed she felt embarrassed having to announce her pregnancy so close after giving birth.

The mum said: "These babies would be just under a year apart. Upon research, I discovered the term ‘Irish Twins.’

"I must admit I was a little embarrassed to announce this pregnancy. ‘What will everyone think? I have a 3-month-old!’"

Speaking to Fabulous, Courtney revealed she now has three sets of Irish Twins.

"We have three sets of Irish twins which means seven of my children are the same age as another sibling at some point during the year.

"Cade and Callie are ten months apart, Cash and the twins (Colt and Case) are 10.5 months apart."

"Caydie and Coralee are 361 days apart."

Speaking to Love What Matters, Courtney revealed her daughter was born six weeks early due to complete Previa.

Looking back, Courtney was surprised she didn't find life as a mum-of-four under five more challenging.

Instead, she was thrilled to finally have a daughter.

By then, Courtney wasn't fazed about what people might think of her families size.

Now the mum has 12 children under 12, and a set of twins now aged six.

She revealed this was when she realised having a large family can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping the spark alive in her marriage.

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Courtney revealed it was often hard to find a babysitter for ten children and that date nights outside of the house were very rare.

The hectic mum revealed the goods of large family outweigh the bad and still wasn't sure how many children she would end up with.

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