I found a hack to lets me get away with not wearing a bra – it's seamless and the 'situation is taken care of' | The Sun

AN innovative woman has revealed her trick to get away with not wearing a bra.

The bra-hacker promises it is super easy to use and gets the “situation taken care of.”

“These are reusable nipple covers so whenever I don’t feel like wearing a bra and I want this situation taken care of I use these,” TikTok creator Belle Sophie (@thebellesophie) said in a video.

Sophie then pointed to her chest when describing what needs to be taken care of referring to going bra-free and freeing her "tatas."

“Super easy to use,” she said.

“I just put them on and stick them on like this.

“Boom seamless.”

Sometimes a girl wants to go braless but still wants some coverage and Sophie recommends this is the perfect solution.

The reusable nipple covers resemble chicken cutlets which are used to hide anything from pointing through and keep the girls in place.

Reusable nipple covers can be a better option for people who don't want to have to keep buying them.

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One user explained in the comments the recommendation has allowed her to go bra-lass for a month and said: “Thanks to these I haven’t worn a bra in a month. So nice.” 

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to want to go braless but run into several issues.

A few different women experiencing struggles when it comes to releasing the girls have shared their stories as well.

Another no-bra lover, Dixie Jae, declared that she is over “Karens” supposedly giving her dirty looks when she doesn't wear a bra while grocery shopping – and she won’t let them stop her.

Another example was when TikTok creator Imogen Rose said she hates when Karens judge her revealing outfits at the gym, but she just writes it off as internalized misogyny.

Meanwhile, a busty woman on TikTok found a way to support her boobs and hold them up with two thongs for a slightly different type of support for the girls.

Lastly, a large-chested woman also has admitted it is really hard to find bras that fit her 42K cup size.

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