I found out my man was cheating just before Christmas so I chucked all his stuff out, at least I hadn’t got his presents

CHRISTMAS is all about sharing time with your loved ones – and spreading festive joy. 

Being in a relationship at this time of the year, is what most will treasure the most as they get to snuggle up and celebrate.

But for one woman, tis ISN'T the season to be jolly.

After recently discovering her relationship was in tatter, It all come crashing down for her this year.

However, many people are admiring her coping mechanisms.

Unfortunately, she discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her recently. 


So instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decided to share a video of her throwing his entire wardrobe out of the house including the shoes too. 

She captioned the video: “Thanks for cheating on me before I bought your Christmas presents.” 

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And many people were quick to comment, while also giving her tips as well. 

One wrote: “Girl!!! You’re doing it wrong! Bag it up and dump glitter in the bags.” 

Another wrote: “Bag it up and donate it to your local homeless shelter or foster care programs. There’s older, bigger kids who would appreciate it!”

A third added: “Come on sis, you’re better than this… hide some sardines in those pockets & sprinkle powdered eggs on the pile.”

A fourth even commented: “You should’ve done what I did many years ago…cut the crotch out of every pair of pants first.”

While she also inspired others to do the same thing. 

One wrote: “I'm about to do the same thing to my ex stuff. I can't stand him.”

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