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“I THINK this baby wants to arrive,” the midwife at Musgrave Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset, told first-time mum Chelsea Lacey, now 30.

Chelsea who’d only been in labour for two hours and 15 minutes pushed for one last time before welcoming her 7lb oz daughter into the world. 

“What’s her name?” asked the nurse.

“Well, I’m calling her Sue – Sparkle-Sue,” replied aesthetics consultant Chelsea.

Since 2020 no baby in England and Wales has been called Sue. Chelsea’s much wanted daughter was born in November 2010 and during that year just six children were born named Sue.

“Some of the nursing staff were gobsmacked,” said Chelsea. “Others were thrilled at my unusual mix of unique and old fashioned names.


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“I could tell even the most hardened ward staff who had thought they’d heard it all when it came to differently-styled names were left dumbstruck,” said Chelsea, who lives in Taunton, Somerset.

“I chose Sue because even though I knew it would be considered one of Britain's most unfashionable name choices it was perfect for my baby.

“I know Sue is an older-style, traditional name and the fact no other child has been born and been given the moniker Sue since 2020 makes the name even more desirable and special.

“Its unfashionableness makes it fashionable… I love it.” 

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Chelsea said people were equally astonished between Sparkle and Sue. 

“I thought Sparkle would be the main focus but half of the people who ask me her name are more interested in Sue,” she said. 

Chelsea’s decision to use Sparkle in combination with Sue was prompted by Guy Fawkes' Night and a suggestion by Sparkle-Sue’s grandfather, Peter, a carpenter now 53.

“My baby was overdue and it was Bonfire Night and we were out watching the fireworks. I’d complained I had not settled on a unique name option,”  said Chelsea who co-parents Sparkle-Sue with her former partner who she also shares Pixie Christie, six, who was born in March 2016, with. 

Some of the nursing staff were gobsmacked

“My turned around and said why don't we call her Sparkle after the fireworks. She’ll be a right cracker.

“I loved the name.  I wanted to use Sue for my daughter so together with Sparkle it was the perfect blend of traditional and non-traditional.,”

Chelsea has since welcomed her third child, Bear Peter, with her new partner and husband Jake, 30, a handyman who she married in October 2018.

“Some people are totally shocked by my name choices,” said Chelsea. 

I have been trolled and told they’re bonkers, crazy and unsuitable. I don't care.

“They are just jealous of how I have mixed old and new style names and paid tribute to much loved family members. I make unfashionable work.”

Sue is named after her grandmother, Susan , 61, who works at a glamping holiday park.

“My mum was thrilled I’d use a version of her name as tribute,” she said. 

“I used Christie as Pixie’s middle name to remember my grandfather, Christopher, who sadly passed away at 82-years-old. Bear Peter’s middle name celebrates my dad’s name.

She doesn't care if it's a child or adult. She loves her name and loves setting people straight

“I used old style names with names people don't expect. It means the children can choose which title to use when they are older.”

Chelsea says Sparkle Sue loves her unusual name. “She is super confident,” she said. “She is incredibly popular.  

“If anyone were to criticise her name she’d tell them to stop being so rude.

“She doesn't care if it's a child or adult. She loves her name and loves setting people straight.”

When her first-born was a baby Chelsea loved dressing her up in “girly girl clothes and pinks and lilacs”.

However Sparkle-Sue was determined to shine with her own style.

When she started primary school, she ditched the sparkly bows and dresses.

“She has turned tomboy and now prefers jeans and T-shirts, swearing off pinks and typical girly colours,” he mum said. 

Sue was first used as a girl’s name in 1880 when it was given to 65 newborns. 

The name experienced a second wave of popularity during the1950s and 1960s when some of Britain's most famous Sues were born.

This includes comedian Sue Perkins, 53, Sports presenter Sue Barker, 66 and mum-of-22 Sue Radford. 

It also made its way into popular culture with songs released including Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue, Buddy Holly’s Peggy Sue and Dion and the Belmont’s Run-Around-Sue.

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Sparkle is one of  only  three children to be born in Britain since 2010 to have the name Sparkle.

“My Sue though is extra special,  she Sparkles in her own way. She’s Sparkle-Sue.”

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