I got a 'natural BBL' from going to the gym – I love my 'slim thick' figure now | The Sun

A GYM-GOER who has put in hard work in the weight section revealed that her lifestyle gave her a natural cosmetic boost.

She said her rigorous training technique nixed the need for her to go under the knife for a butt augmentation procedure.

Fitness fan Bianca Mariah (@biancamariahfit) took to TikTok to share her insider tips on building the booty the old-fashioned way.

"How to get a natural BBL," she wrote over the video.

A BBL is an acronym for "Brazilian butt lift," which refers to butt augmentation cosmetic procedures.

She revealed her before and after photos of her backside, which clearly grew in size.

"I did way too many accessory movements," she said, referring to exercises such as Bulgarian split squats, cable squats, and hip abductions.

"I definitely saw a little bit of progress when I was doing this but it did not make me slim thick," she said of the accessory movements.

"On leg day start with your compound lifts," she advised. "Do your squats, your hip thrusts, your deadlifts."

"Then go in with your accessories," she added, suggesting Bulgarian split squats.

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"Less is more," she added. "Form is everything."

"Let me know if you want more mistakes I made when I first started lifting because there were a lot," she assured.

The video resonated with viewers who shared their two cents in the comment section.

"I mean the before you already had the hourglass figure and you worked on yourself," one wrote. "Some of us no matter how hard we try won’t be able to get that hour."

"Genetics are definitely a factor but lifting consistently and eating right can 100 percent change your body shape," Mariah replied.

"Thank you yes I have worked out for the past two years and I have only started seeing real progress after I did compounds and hip thrusts," another added.

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