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I'VE always hated my eyebrows. Growing up in the 90s, I thought they were too messy – and would pluck any stray hairs the second they appeared.

But, years after putting my tweezers into retirement, Cara Delevingne gave me a fresh reason for self-loathing – when she made bushy brows fashionable once again.

My sparse brows, which weren't anywhere near Cara's level even before plucking, could never compete with the new wave of supermodels and celebs showcasing their statement brows.

I'd resigned myself to a life of carefully stencilling my brows in every morning, using everything from powder to brow mascara, at-home dyes and even chunky crayons to get them in shape.

But then I heard about microblading.

It took me a couple of years of reading horror stories to pluck up the courage to get them done – finally checking myself in for an appointment at Browhaus' Holborn branch.

My main worries were having some horrible red allergic reaction, as I've got very sensitive skin, and the pain.

Microblading, or Brow Resurrection as my salon of choice call it, essentially involves a series of tiny semi-permanent tattoo lines.

If done well, they should look tiny hairs, and a technician can revive badly shaped brows too.

But, as an ink virgin, I wasn't sure what to expect pain wise.

I needn't have worried though, you're slathered in numbing cream before that needle goes anywhere near you.

Visiting Browhaus was a bit like going to a very glam dental surgery – complete with a dentist chair and bright ceiling light.

No wonder my brow technician Noosh told me she used to be a dental nurse – which soon eased my nerves.

My brow transformation consisted of two two-hour appointments, six weeks apart.

The first appointment honestly didn't hurt at all. I couldn't feel a thing, although I did get a weird stinging sensation when I started bleeding – which I'm told is quite common.

At Browhaus, they top you up with more numbing cream and pigment – so it doesn't affect your lines – about half an hour before the end of the appointment, when the stinging starts to increase.

What is microblading?

Originating in Asia, microblading is a process of hand drawing fine strokes of semi-permanent tattoo, designed to look like real hairs.

It works by bleeding pigment into the small scratches on the epidermis – to create fine lines mimicking strokes of hair.

Before getting her blade out, the brow technician draws a box around your brows with the desired shape.

Numbing cream is applied before your technician gets to work drawing on your new brows.

It takes between 90 minutes and two hours for the total treatment, including a consultation.

Whether you suffer from alopecia, have been through chemotherapy or just hate your brows, microblading is for everyone – assuming you can afford it!

Prices vary, but it's normally at least £250 for a decent treatment.

Don't be tempted to go for cut-price options – we've all seen the horror stories.

But when I returned six weeks later, confident that my pain threshold was high enough to handle it, I was in for a shock.

As I winced in pain, Noosh asked me "is it your time of the month?" and I instantly regretted my decision not to pick up any Ibuprofen on my way there.

Apparently this added period pain is a common side effect of everything from laser treatments to waxing but, having never experienced it myself, I was caught off-guard.

Experts recommend topping your brows up every 12 months – but it doesn't come cheap, with Browhaus charging £600 for their services.

And friends of mine tell me their own treatments have lasted two, or even three years, with just a bit of tinting for maintenance.

The most annoying part of the whole process is the aftercare.

Putting a boosting gel and vaseline like top coat on your brows twice-a-day isn't a big deal.

But not getting your brows wet for one to two weeks is a total nightmare.

Washing long hair becomes a mission – tipping your head back to angles sure to leave you with neck ache and frantically tapping the moisture off your brows every 10 seconds.

You're also told not to do strenuous exercise – because of the sweat.

Being a regular, I thought my weekly legs, bums and tums class would be OK – until we got half-way through the class and realised the gym's air con had broken again.

Other than that, I'm delighted with the results.

And when you think of all the time you save by not doing your brows every day, it's totally worth it.

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