I had a glow up after losing weight – my face ‘completely changed’ and I gained so much confidence | The Sun

A FIT beauty has revealed her dramatic glow up after losing weight, documenting the changes to her face.

The new look captivated viewers, who said she "completely changed" from her former look.

She posted the video to motivate others in their own confidence journeys.

Elah Serghini (@elahserghini) shared her impressive weight loss story, going from 293 pounds to 179 pounds.

"Watch my face completely change after losing weight and gain all my confidence back," she said in the TikTok.

She showed her pre-weight-loss look while posing for the camera, out with friends, as well as having a beverage.

Next, in a stunning transition, she showed herself posing in a skin tight little black dress.

Elah also revealed a close up selfie of her new look, with a notably sharper jawline.

Viewers noticed her well-defined look and shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Once a baddie always a baddie," one wrote.

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"You go girl," another added.

"You look so amazing," a third commented.

Some asked Elah how she achieved the new chiseled face and physique.

She revealed that she underwent the gastric bypass surgery.

The procedure entails creating a small pouch in the stomach, which is then connected directly to the small intestine.

Gastric bypass surgery decreases the amount of food the patient can eat at a time, typically leading to weight loss.

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