I had controversial surgery to get rid of my dark eye bags & my face blew up – I don’t regret it though | The Sun

WE all know that there are some crazy beauty treatments out there, promising to help us look our best.

But one woman may have pushed the boat out even further with her latest treatment.

Former Playboy bunny Cathy Lugner, 33, wanted to deal with her dark eye bags once and for all, so decided to try carboxytherapy.

But her fans were shocked when she shared some gruesome images of her swollen face following the procedure.

The controversial treatment involves tiny needles firing carbon dioxide gas into the skin.

Reports say it reduces under-eye wrinkles and dark circles by creating new collagen under the skin.


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In the images, the model, who wed a multi-millionaire tycoon 57 years her senior,is seen with massively swollen skin under her eyes, making them difficult to open.

She had travelled to Berlin, Germany, for the controversial cosmetic procedure.

Following the procedure, former Celebrity Big Brother star Cathy said: "It doesn't hurt, but it's a very strange feeling.

"The effect: I feel fresher."

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Beauty care doctor Bruce Reith claimed that the therapy has no side effects and added: "There is no risk of gas embolism, the swelling usually disappears after five minutes."

The influencer made headlines when a detective in Austria was jailed for 10 months for using confidential police data to spy on her in 2021.

At the time, the model had just separated from her former husband Richard Lugner, 90.

The pair had married at the luxurious Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, on 13th September 2014.

Following the couple's divorce just two years later, Cathy moved to Berlin, Germany, to pursue her career as a beautician.

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